5 Ways To Spot Fraud Websites

In the vast world of cyber space, many fraud websites lurk in wait for the next hapless player to register with them. Most fraud websites are sometimes designed to be more appealing than the real one and that is when the real fraud starts. Most fraud websites ask players to register and they steal their personal information as well as their account information and then exploit it. Players are then left wondering how on earth they could have lost it all?

Players must be aware of these fraud sites and here are a few tips to do so:

1. No credentials

Every reputable website has links to certified governing gaming organizations and these links must actually connect to the right site when activated. Simple credentials are easy to fake but

2. No solid customer support

Websites that have only the email of customer support is a sure sign that the website is a fraud. More so is the absence of a 24 hour hotline. Some hotlines may exist but only connect one to a voice mail system which does nothing to help resolve customer concerns.

3. Lack of company info

Websites that do not mention their company origins or background is another way to tell that the website is involved in malicious activity. Even if there is a company profile but all it has is a company vision then it is as good as being a false one. Websites must be able to put dates, times, references, past jobs. All of these have to be mentioned before players can believe.

4. Conflicting terms and conditions

The gist of company rules and policies lie here. If the text is unclear if they sound contradictory then it is best to have it clarified. Before continuing the sign up. Players are advised no to rely too much on the text for it may just be copy-pasted into the webs template.

5. Cheap software One can check from first glance if the software used to connect to the server website is of good quality or full of design flaws. Signs of bad or poor software may include: slow connectivity rate, choppy or static pictures, using low resolution images, poor sound, and poor user friendly interface. A good piece of software must work seamlessly with the players connection to be good.

Players must be observant of these tell tale signs and avoid fraud websites. One can always ask around user groups and on line forums to determine if anyone has had problems with the site and its software. If all signs are satisfied then players can then sign up right away.