Come and Play at the Stratosphere Las Vegas Hotel and Casino

Run by the prestigious American Casino & Entertainment Properties, Stratosphere Las Vegas is one of the finest hotel and casino at the colorful state of Nevada. Known for its highly noticeable landmark called the Stratosphere Tower, this elegant provider of good quality hospitality services offers avid casino players with an extensive range of purely exciting and tremendously fun games.

Aside from its highly affordable and comfortable rooms, this prime casino hotel offers endless thrills and frills that only it can provide. With the excellent entertainment spectacles that it hosts, guests and visitors cannot help but admire in awe the first-class services and unmatched hospitality of this place. Furthermore, it is worthwhile to catch some of the special promotions that this place serves to its most loyal players.

Equipped with the most hard-working and friendly staff in town, the Stratosphere Las Vegas casino is without a doubt one of the best places to visit when in search for a good time. Boasting of a spacious casino floor, the gaming facility houses some of the best available table games today. With almost 50 tables made up of traditional and novel casino games, players can choose from the various craps, roulettes, and blackjack tables waiting to serve them.

Besides the extensive line of good quality table games, there are numerous exciting slot machines and video poker equipment lying elegantly at the gracious casino floors. The Phone Tag, Turkey Shoot, and the Price is Right machines are among the newest additions to its wide selection of electronic games. In its most recent efforts to encourage more guests and visitors to play, the casino management has added about half-a-dozen quarter video poker that promise pay returns that are almost equivalent to 100 percent bonuses.

As an answer to the growing demands for competitive poker destinations, the Stratosphere Las Vegas has designed a poker room that offers tournaments all throughout the seven days of a week. To accommodate beginners, the card room has started to offer poker lessons free of charge. Players can buy their ways into the tournaments by paying only $60 in exchange for tournament chips amounting to almost $4,000 each. Aside from this, the daily no-limit tournaments are notable as well.

Regarding its table games, the Stratosphere Las Vegas is not to be outdone in terms of game quality and competitiveness. Aside from the VIP treatment that guests can expect, they can choose from a wide variety of casino games, such as the single deck and double deck blackjack. Furthermore, the single zero roulette, mini-baccarat, and big six wheel never cease to amaze guests and visitors throughout the years.