Governor Cuomo supports New York’s online casino proposal

Andrew Cuomo, the governor of New York, totally stands for legalization of online casino games in the state.

On the 3rd of February, the governor had submitted a bill to the Senate and House of Representatives in order to overturn the gambling ban.

There are only small tribal casino and and newly opened aqueduct casino in New York, hardly working like a true casino.

Legalizing online casino games like blackjack in New York would generate hundreds of million dollars in clean taxes for the state, a thing that Senator Cuomo will use to persuade the lawmakers.

What’s missing in New York is a casino, which will not only attract millions of tourists, but also the wealthy of the state.

The bill proposed by Cuomo will not have been under checking until the end of tha last year, but it is under evaluation now. It could take up to two years to be cleared.

The senator hasn’t named any places where to build the casinos, but that can be set after gambling is legalized.